About Us

Float production borne in 2011 making tried and tested patterns for exceptional matchmen/women across the UK.

PABLORWC has been over 6 years in the making and in research; now fully automated with the installation of a state of the art CNC lathe, all floats are now entirely made here in my workshops in Cornwall.

My company has not however been alone in its conception and development - thanks to Steve Pinnock at Finesse Floats in Leicester, myself and my staff have been tutored to his exacting standards and are now able to say that what we produce are floats and bodies of the very highest standard achievable. Cnc Technical and production: Guy White

I am Robert Shone, I am a retired military man of almost three decades of service, I am proud to be in a position to help maintain your success be it in competition or purely for pleasure.

Assorted floats


First and foremost a huge thanks to Steve and Jaqui Pinnock renowned owners and founders of Finnesse Floats.Com for all of the advice and completely selfless tutorship and encouragement that has enabled Pablo RWC to become self sufficient.

To the match circuit massive in the Southwest and the North West of England:

Andy Partridge, Mal King, Rob Fuller, Ben Evenden, Andy Seery, Paul Carpenter, Andy Wilkinson, Statto, Mark Cullerton, Wayne Mitchell, Tony Steele, Kev Lund, Ste Whittle and Barry the Bailiff at the Moat in Lancashire.

A heart felt thanks to my dearly departed brother Paul(PABLO) Shone, a true genius of an angler who encouraged me to embark on this 5 year journey - i miss his sound advices and support. To my Mum and Dad - thanks for the financial support.

Finally a genuine bow of appreciation to the supportive commercial outlets along the way:

Atherton Angling Centre, Milemead Fisheries, Bake Lakes, Fishing Mayhem, Culm Angling Centre, The art of Fishing and Finesse Floats.